Lithuanian graduates

Row of Mars product branded books - Title underneath reads: Make it Mean More, Mars

You can write yourself into the pages of our history.

Ready to start your own story?

We’re no strangers to success. But it’s not only our billion-dollar brands that enjoy it. Because we provide world-class training to people with potential. And one look at the alumni of graduate programmes will tell you just how far that can take you. CEOs and MDs who aren’t just keeping our success story moving forward, they’re leading businesses in every sector.

Our flat, open structure is a big plus for graduates when it comes to grabbing the opportunity to shape our business. It makes for a truly creative and dynamic environment. But it takes more than just freedom and responsibility to create Mars leaders.

We provide a fantastic support structure, financial sponsorship to pursue professional qualifications, extensive learning and development opportunities and personal mentoring from some of the brightest and best people in the industry. Whistles and bells? No. It’s there so that you can make your performance mean more for yourself, improve the lives of others and benefit the planet. Sound like the kind of thing you’re looking to sign up to?

A Wide-Open Culture

The point is, we’re a very forward-thinking organisation. This is why, as a student or graduate with us, you’ll be so central to our success. It’s also why you’ll have the chance to throw yourself into new challenges from the moment you get here. We’re not bound by rigid hierarchies that restrict what you can achieve and when. We are the world’s third largest food company, but we’re still privately owned. This allows us to not only have a community feel (rather than a corporate one), but also to set our own agenda and do things our own way. So as a graduate here, you’ll be able to progress as quickly as your talents will take you. Across our business, we’re free to work openly and collaboratively. (In fact, freedom is one of our Five Principles.) We know that a great idea can come from anywhere and anyone, and we want to make sure there are never any barriers to that. So much so, that you won’t find a single private office, anywhere in our business – despite the fact that we have over 70,000 associates.

This is what your career path could look like! Or Choose Your Route

Would you like to test the waters during your studies, work on your own projects in a team that makes brands successful globally? Then take a closer look and check out our available internships. Often, this incorporates the opportunity of writing your thesis! Or do you want to acquire leadership skills in the specialist areas of Business, Finance or Engineering, essential for a career in the fast lane of a global player? Then check out our trainee program. Of course, we also welcome direct entries, especially if they demonstrate commitment and dedication. Check out our career center for available jobs. Come back every once in a while - there is always something going on in a dynamic company such as Mars. and students